Error handling

There is a couple of ways to enforce Nomin not to rethrow Throwables. The first of them is to call handle method and pass a map containing Throwables to be catched and a 'handler' closure. The handler has access to context variables such as mapping, failed, throwable, message. This is shown on the snippet below.

  handle throwables: Exception, handler: {
    specialLogger.logError("Exception in " + mapping + ". Failed object " + failed, throwable)

  // in case of several Throwable classes
  handle throwables: [IllegalArgumentException, NullPointerException], handler: {
    specialLogger.logError("Exception in " + mapping + ". Failed rule " + failed, throwable)

Here is a predefined handler swallow just logging errors. Actually swallow method calls handle method to do its work.

  // there can be security issues during accessing entities
  swallow NoGrantsSecurityException, AccessDeniedException, RegistrationFaildException

  // swallowing all exceptions
  swallow true, Exception // it's available pass true as the silent parameter for ensuring Nomin not to log errors

Handling throwables is enabled only for that mapping where it's defined. It's not automatically propagated to aggregated mappings.

  Be careful not to throw any exception in the handler otherwise an exception there will cause infinite handler recursion
  and <<<java.lang.StackOverflowError>>> as result.